OBLOOMITACHO101107_01.jpgOrlando Bloom IMG_9628a.jpgAn X17 inside source was with Orlando Bloom at Hollywood hotspot Green Door last night before the accident.

Here's our source's eyewitness account of what went on behind the Green Door:

  • "Orlando walked into the Green Door Lounge with a guy and a girl at about 12:45am. They were seated a table that had Grey Goose. When celebs are at a club like the Green Door, the house usually gives them a free bottle of liquor and then provides them with mixers and glasses and the usual things.

  • "He was having a ball. He was dancing in his chair, moving with the music, laughing and smiling. Q-Tip was DJaying. Other people joined them at the table. Friends would walk up to the table and say 'Hi'--it was that kind of scene. At that time of night there are a lot of show business people there.

  • Our source says, "Orlando had his hand on a glass repeatedly. He was drinking a clear beverage the whole time. He never stopped drinking.

  • "It was pretty crowded so he kept to his friends that he came with and other friends he saw at the club. They all got up to leave as a group at close - 2am. As he headed for the exit door he definitely stumbled on his way out to the car.

  • "My friend was concerned about him to the point that he decided to follow him out the door to see if he would get behind the wheel. He was concerned that he was in no shape to drive.

  • "When he got outside he saw that Orlando hopped into the passenger seat of a car. He wasn't getting behind the wheel. But then he had a discussion with people in the car and got out. Orlando then started walking toward another car after that. It didn't look like he was going to drive so my friend came back inside the club," said the source.

  • However, it's now clear that later in the night, Orlando did, in fact, take the driver's seat - with lamentable results!