britneylookingshocked.jpgIt's pretty fair to say that Britney Spears has had a pretty crazy week - especially if you give any credibility to all the wild rumors which popped up this week! Here's a few of the less-believable news items to spring up around our favorite pop star - which one made you laugh the loudest?

BSPEARSHAT030406_01.jpgThe Sun claims Britney lets a man snort a line of coke off her chest? - yeah, right! Even the Sun's article making these allegations admits that she passed a drug test the next day!

kevinnofence.jpgNews of the World says K-Fed "lives in terror that [Britney] will KILL herself and their young sons" - strong words from someone who took their sweet time putting a fence around their pool!

Britney Spears kimsexybikini.jpgAnd finally, the Star claims
Britney wants to have sex with Kim Kardashian?! - Sorry girls, but c'mon - if Britney were ever going Get Naked with another woman, don't you think she could do a little better?