Now that Halloween is over, it's time for you to choose: What celeb had the best costume?HalloweenDoubleBritney.jpgDouble your Britney - with a side of Alli!HalloweenHeidiK.jpgHeidi the cat!HalloweenXTina.jpgChristina, Spider-Woman?HalloweenLaurenC.jpgL.C. in blue?HalloweenMarilynEvan.jpgGoth couple Marilyn and Evan? (Of course, they always look this way!)HalloweenParisH.jpgAlice Paris?HalloweenNickyH.jpgNicky, the other Hilton?HalloweenKyleQuentin.jpgThe dynamic duo of Kyle and Quentin?Rumer Willis HalloweenRumerW.jpgAnd don't forget Rumer... but how could you, she's famous, y'all!