The nominees for the SAG awards were announced this morning!

With the Writers Guild Strike leading to awards ceremonies being picketed left and right (which means there will be several celebs who refuse to cross the picket line), it's entirely possible that the SAG Awards (who earned an exemption from the writers' wrath through their unwavering support) might be the biggest awards show this year.

Fortunately for fans of celebs, the Screen Actors picked out some big names for noms - in addition to Angelina Jolie (nominated for best actress for A Mighty Heart), the Guild also singled out:

GCLOONEY111907_01.jpg George Clooney's portrayl of Michael Clayton in Michael Clayton earned him a nod from the SAGsters

Angelina Jolie JGANDOLFINI121206_01.jpg The Sopranos may be over - but James Gandolfini's still getting recognized for his portrayl of Tony Soprano!

Click here for the complete list - or click through the jump for more pix of nominees!