BSPEARSACCIDENT012208_22.jpgBSPEARSACCIDENT012208_05.jpgCrazy Driver BSPEARSACCIDENT012208_01.jpg X17 was on the scene last night when Britney Spears' paparazzo paramour Adnan Ghalib struck a motorcyclist with his car - although Adnan probably wishes we weren't!

Events began unfolding as the couple began to head back from Brentwood (where they'd just enjoyed dinner at Taverna Tony and dessert at Pinkberry) when, out of nowhere, Ghalib struck a luckless biker with Britney's car. Our photographers' initial reports put the blame squarely on Adnan's "crazy driving".

Unfortunately, Adnan's driving wasn't anywhere near as crazy as his response to the crash - as you can see in the video below, his first instinct is to check out the damage done to Britney's Mercedes rather than check on the bloodied biker's status!

Eventually, however, Ghalib started trading info with his victim once he regained his senses - and whipped out his dollars!

Yes, the next thing we saw was Ghalib pulling out a fat roll of cash - as a writing surface to help him jot down his contact info, of course. (And, of course, if it should help impress his victim, so much the better!)

Luckily, Adnan was able to smooth over the situation before the cops showed up. Hey, you can't go getting something like this on your driving record if you want to make a living as a paparazzo!