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Jessica Simpson JSIMPSONTROMO120107_01.jpg Poor Jessica Simpson - even when she keeps her distance from her boyfriend Tony Romo, she still takes the heat when he loses!

Despite Jessica's much-publicized absence from the game, sportswriters have been lighting the pop starlet up in the wake of Romo's Dallas Cowboys falling to the New York Giants 21-17 yesterday.

Predictably, the Dallas Morning News is leading the charge; Us Magazine quotes several attacks on Tony and Jessica's Mexican vaction, including one by columnist Bill Cowlishaw and one by Morning News readers voting for the blonde bombshell as the reason for Dallas' loss.

Unfortunately for Jessica, other news outlets seem to be following suit - Us even quotes the AP as pointing out how Romo's loss won't help him "quiet everyone who accused him of mixed-up priorities for joining girlfriend Jessica joining Simpson on the beach in Mexico last weekend."

When we ran into Jessica last week, a mere mention of the 'Boys brought a smile to her face (if not necessarily a comment to her lips). She might have a different reaction now!