Victoria Beckham SPICEGIRLS111507_01.jpg

Looks like David's not the only breadwinning Beckham anymore!

The Times Online is reporting that the Spice Girls will earn around ten million pounds each for their 17-night run at the O2 Theater in London.

That's nearly $20 million per Spice!

"Not many groups can sell out 17 gigs at £75 a ticket," an O2 source told the paper. "It's quite an achievement."

Of course, the Girls are quick to point out that they're spending plenty of cheese on the tour, too - Ginger even revealed that the cost of the tour alone runs over 18.6 million pounds.

"We have done this purely to celebrate our fans, the music and ourselves. This is not a money-making expedition. It really isn't," Ginger said.

Maybe not - but it's one hell of a side benefit!