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Sources tell X17online exclusively that an Australian magazine has license the "semi-nude" photos of Britney, pitched by Adnan's agency Finalpixx, for $57,000. It's a far cry from the $5 million they were asking of the UK tabs for Adnan's story and photos, but hey, a guy's gotta put food on the table!

And here's what we're told about the "semi-nude" photos: there are shots of Britney wearing just a t-shirt -- we guess it's the night she was with him on the balcony, sharing the lollipop and she was wearing a t-shirt with no pants and a jacket.

And get this! -- Adnan's kneeling in front of Brit as she stand there in her skivvies! God, I'm gonna puke ...

Now Adnan's agency is hoping to launch a website based on their big exclusive -- they've got one photo up and a single story "announcing" Adnan's relationship with Britney (a little late, now that it seems to be over since Brit apparently realized Adnan's cashing in on her ass, literally). They say the two are "happily dating!"

But here's what they report, in Adnan's defense:

Although many people who are close to Britney have spoken out about her at this difficult time, Adnan has not spoken to any media outlet and feels that it would not be of benefit to her for him to do so at this time.

Why? Because the dollar figure's not high enough yet?!

And in Britney's defense, they say she's not on drugs.

Here's more:

Teams of reporters and television news crews and a huge pack of paparazzi have been on Britney's doorstep around the clock for the past week.
Despite such heavy scrutiny, the pair are enjoying a healthy, normal relationship and contrary to reports Adnan is absolutely NOT shopping his story via Finalpixx for $5 million US dollars.


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