Brad Pitt BPITTASLEEP120307_06.jpg The AP is reporting that one of the beneficiaries of Pitt's Make It Right charity, established to help rebuild homes for residents of New Orleans trying to recover from Hurricane Katrina, is a man named Robert Green - who's currently under investigation for loan fraud!

To be fair, Green's fraud hasn't been tied to Make It Right yet - he's being investigated for preparing false tax returns (he's a tax preparer by trade), some of which date all the way back to 2001.

That still doesn't mean Make It Right is in the clear, though - since Green was the first recipient of a house through the program, their name's been practically tied to his!

Currently, there's been no decision as to whether Green will still receive his house from the program. Calls to Pitt's representatives were not returned in time for publication.

His defenders are quick to note that Green has played a powerful role in the community since Katrina, spearheading local efforts to clean up and recover.

We just hope that that's the Green who dealt with Brad - and not the career forger!

(If you'd like to learn more about the Make It Right foundation, click here to visit the site. It's still an incredibly worthy cause!)