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Oscar de la Hoya MDravnelDeLaHoya021508_3.jpg

Oscar de la Hoya chickened out yesterday and was a no-show at what was supposed to be a courtroom showdown with the girl who took the pix of him in lingerie.

The Russian former Scores dancer, Milana Dravnel, was there with her attorney Salvatore Strazzullo to file five courses of action against de la Hoya, including defamation of character, libel and intentional emotional distress. Her $100 million (the New York Times says it's $25 million) lawsuit was filed in November.

What it boils down to, is that Milana claims Oscar threatened her during the time she was distributing her pictures and telling her story (through X17), to the media. Oscar didn't want the pictures to be published, of course, but when they were, he claimed they were Photoshopped. NOT TRUE!

X17 received legal notice at the time we published the pictures, exclusively on X17online.com -- we replied that we felt confident in the authenticity of the images and we never heard from Oscars' lawyers again.

I'm guessing this legal match will be better than anything we ever saw Oscar do in the ring!