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Paris Hilton BMadden022508_5.jpg

So Paris' former BFF Nicole is engaged to her baby dada Joel Madden and now Paris is scooping up his newly-single twin brother Benji!

When was the last time we saw Paris holding a guy's hand?! It's kinda sweet! The two shopped at Fred Segal West Hollywood today.

Here's what a source tells us about their relationship -- yep, it's confirmed, y'all; they're dating!:

    "They are dating and he is very sweet. They had lunch with Benji's mom at Mulholland Grill today before taking her to the airport."

And this is the clincher!:

    "Paris has not gone out to any LA clubs since dating Benji. He is a very private person and a good guy. They look cute together."

Loves it!!!

And now here this ... Paris has got a new reality show on the horizon. UsMagazine.com reports Paris will star in an as yet untitled project to be picked up by either MTV of VH1 in which she goes about looking for her next best friend. Maybe she's already found him!