Barron Hilton barronhilton.jpg The story of Barron Hilton's DUI arrest keeps getting crazier and crazier!

The LAPD has just released a report contradicting earlier reports that Hilton may have run into a gas station attendant, asserting instead that Hilton was followed by a fellow motorist who spotted him "weaving on the roadway" and "driving on the wrong side of the highway".

The report claims Good Samaritan followed Hilton until he stopped at Corral Canyon Road and Pacific Coast Highway - and then sat his behind on a bench until the law arrived!

After a drunk driving investigation, Hilton was arrested, taken to Lost Hills Sheriff Station, and charged with driving under the influence. Hilton's blood alcohol content was measured at .14%.

The big news, however?

There may have been a crash - and Barron might not have been the responsible party!

"Hilton had a female passenger in the car," the report asserts. "Apparently the female was driving the Mercedes prior to Hilton and was possibly involved in a collision."

Well, that must put Rick and Kathy's mind at rest - at least a little bit!