Vanessa Minnillo VMINNILLOBLK012008_22.jpg Coming soon to a theater near you - Vanessa Minnillo!

Yes, Las Vegas Magazine is reporting that the former VJ is looking to make acting her new full-time gig.

"When I was on the set of Fantastic Four, I loved it," Minnillo told the mag. "I respected everyone's work ethic. It was like a mini-family, and I want to continue doing it, whether it's action or comedy or action-comedy. I can pull off physical comedy; I'm athletic enough not to get hurt easily."

Of course, Vanessa's not taking just any old role that comes her way - she claims to have turned down several scripts already.

"For one of them," she said, "I had to be this bikini terrorist and in another I was some crazy girl at Mardi Gras doing anything for beads!"

Clearly, Vanessa's taking her new vocation seriously; she's already expressing a desire to "master this craft. It's not just something you jump into. That's why I took time off to be with my family--reap the fruits of my own labor," she explained.

"I've worked two jobs all these years straight and I never got to stop and enjoy it."