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Paris Hilton is no stranger to movie premieres - but last night's foray onto the red carpet may well have been her favorite ever!

The celebutante was the belle of the ball last night at the premiere of her latest feature The Hottie And The Nottie.

Paris certainly looked the part of a starlet - in addition to her gorgeous pink dress, she showed up practically drenched in ice!

Other attendees included Paris' parents Rick & Kathy, longtime Hilton family friend Elliot Mintz, and - of course - Paris' costars Adam Kulbersh and Christine Lakin. Christine may have played the "nottie" in the flick, but we sure wouldn't have guessed that last night!

Afterwards, the whole crew headed over for a post-premiere party before calling it a wrap. Paris, however, couldn't resist addressing her subjects one more time before leaving - hey, she's earned the right to celebrate!