Richard Gere RGERE041507_10.jpg Richard Gere's kissed plenty of lovely leading ladies in his day - but until yesterday, the smooch he planted on Indian actress Shilpa Shetty's been the one moment of PDA he wishes he'd kept private!

Last April, as you may remember, Gere set off a firestorm among the Hindi faithful when he planted one on Shetty at an AIDS benefit. The outrage grew to such epic proportions that a warrant was issued for Gere's arrest on charges of obscenity - keeping Gere out of India for the last year under threat of arrest!

Luckily for Gere, according to Page Six, the Indian high court seems willing to let bygones be bygones - yesterday, they suspended the arrest warrant against Gere indefinitely!

"Gere is allowed to come and leave," said Shilpa's attorney, Anil Grover, "He can't be arrested."

That's certainly good news for Gere - as long as he can keep his lips off Shilpa, that is!