Britney Spears JLSPEARSPREG1218_04a.jpg Ever since MSNBC ran a report identifying the possible sex of Jamie Lynn Spears' baby, the rumor mill's been spinning like crazy - but we're looking at the facts, and they just don't seem to add up!

MSNBC's report claims that Jamie Lynn and Britney were spotted stopping by baby boutique Petit Tresor on February 25th (one week ago) for around 20 minutes, where the pair was alleged to have purchased "several items that were light blue in color".

That's a pretty definite story - except for the fact that we never saw Britney together with Jamie Lynn for even twenty seconds on the 25th!

We did, however, catch Britney out and about all day - she had a visit with the boys, hopped over to Millennium to practice her dance moves, and called it a wrap for the night after being yanked around as she left the Levis store.

Moreover, if Jamie-Lynn did fly all the way out here from Kentwood, how could her arrival have gone unnoticed? We never heard so much as a hint about her being here, and certainly never caught her arrival at LAX or even at the Summit!

Sorry, folks, but it looks like we're going to have to wait a little longer to find out about the newest addition to the Spears clan!