PHILTONLLOHAN031508_21.jpgParis Hilton PHILTONLLOHAN031508_09.jpg The feud between Paris Hilton's been pretty quiet ever since their big post-Grammys dustup - but over the weekend, the claws came back out!

This time, the setting was the Scandinavian Style Mansion, where Lindsay was scheduled to host a fashion event. The only problem? Nobody had told Lindsay that the fashion items she'd be promoting would be from Paris Hilton's line of handbags!

Lindsay, to use's terminology, "pitched a hissy fit" when she saw her arch-enemy's name on her party's marquee, reportedly demanding that it be taken down and storming out after the minimum amount of time specified by her contract - and taking some "very expensive gifts" along to boot.

Paris, on the other hand, happily took over as hostess when she arrived a few minutes after Lindsay's exit. The hotel heiress won the approval of everyone in attendance with her good behavior - particularly party organizer Claus Hjelmbak, who credited Hilton with saving the party, calling her “gracious to everyone — and [she] was the life of the party!” (We've tried emailing Claus for clarification on just what went down, but haven't heard back yet.)

So who you got in this ongoing struggle for power in the celebrityverse - Paris or Lindsay?