Steve-O STEVEO080807_01.jpg Lots of Jackass fans have joked around about whether Steve-O might have a death wish - but those jokes sure seem a lot less funny now!

Star Magazine is reporting that on Sunday, the actor - real name Steven Glover - was checked into the Thalians Mental Health Center (known for its crisis management facilities) for a mandatory 72-hour hold, which was later expanded to a gigantic fourteen day stay.

An insider told Star that Glover has been stabilized on meds. Worryingly, the source also revealed that the actor was also being treated for burns all over his skin "as if he had been putting cigarettes out all over his body."

Apparently, the situation started when Glover started sending out suicidal emails over the weekend, pinning the blame for his state on a failed attempt at romance. "Steve started flipping out," another source told the mag. "He told doctors he wanted to hurt himself badly. He wanted to break every bone in his body one by one."

The Star reports that, in the last few days, Glover's family has come forward to admit that the troubled actor suffers from bipolar disorder which, to date, has gone untreated. We're sure this sad series of events will put an end to that oversight!

"Right now he's in his extreme mania," a Glover family member said. "His concerned friends and family are hoping he'll seek treatment. He doesn't need jail, he needs therapy. We're just really hoping that this will be the wake-up call that gets him back to himself."