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KOSBOURNEC0427_01.jpg SMILLERCOACHELLA042708_001.jpg We thought we saw a ton of celebs out at Coachella on Saturday night - but clearly, we hadn't seen nothin' yet!

Sunday brought us a little more face-time with the celebs in attendance; we spotted Kelly Osbourne striding around looking proud as a peacock of the job she'd done as one of Mark Ronson's guest singers the night before. We also spotted Sienna Miller taking it easy in her favorite hat - pretty soon, she'll be hanging out with Marcia Cross!

KOSBOURNEC0427_11.jpgKimberly Stewart DHASSELHOF042708_001.jpg Elsewhere, we saw Kimberly Stewart lookin' sexy and David Hasselhoff and his daughter grabbing a bite to eat - a cheeseburger, perhaps? (It's worth noting that David wasn't the only '80s star at the festival, either - wait'll you see the blast from the past we saved for after the jump!)

In fact, we saw so many stars out in the desert last weekend that we've put together a gallery of yesterday's action - check it out!

Click here for the gallery!