Jennifer Aniston JMAYER042108_001.jpg Everybody's been buzzing about the rumored romance between Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer lately - but the latest news makes us wonder if it's already over!

ET caught up with Mayer at the Met's Costume Institute Gala last night and put the question to him directly - just what exactly is up with him and Jen? John's response, however, was anything but conclusive:

"Listen, this is not a scandal, this is not an issue, this is not a problem, this needs no spin control. This is me living my life and a guy with a really powerful lens and I don't fault him, I don't fault anybody, I don't fault you, I don't fault this or that. There are much worse problems in the world. Everything's cool!"

Seriously, wow - John dodged that question like Neo in the Matrix!

But then again, if the New York Post is to be believed, Jen's just about the furthest thing from John's mind these days - in a recent report, not only do they claim that Mayer was spotted "all over some blond girl" at 1Oak in the Big Apple last Friday while partying with Adam Levine, but they go on to assert that John actually requested that the DJ spin some R. Kelly songs so that "we can dance with our girls"!

Poor Jen - we really thought she and John might make a good couple!