Cate Blanchett gave birth a mere SIX weeks ago, yet she is glowing (and rocking a seriously svelte post-baby bod) in this ruffled grey creation. Her shoes match her dress perfectly and her hair and makeup are flawless, so it's easy to see why she's one of our picks for best dressed at Cannes.

Gwyneth's hair deserves it's own special award for being so perfect, but her dress gets an A-plus as well. She kept it simple, sleek and sophisticated, but just to make sure the outfit wasn't too boring Gwyn threw in some neutral toned gladiator heels to spice it up. If you're going to attempt the gladiator high heel look, take notes from Gwyn - she clearly knows what she's doing.

Natalie Portman looked ravishing in this strapless red ruffled dress, but come on, does she ever look bad? Everyone at X17 agreed that this was one of the best dresses on the Cannes red carpet this year, and we can't wait to go buy one just like it!

Someone else who went for the short and strapless look (and pulled it off quite well) was Miss Lindsay Lohan. She chose a metallic gold minidress with a bottom ruffle detail, sky high gold heels and a matching clutch (check it out here).

Gwyneth Paltrow vicyas1.jpg
Now, listen up ladies - your skin should never match the color of your dress, especially if the shade we're talking about is orange! Victoria Silvstedt shows us how not to do it while showing off her twin oompa loompas in the process.

Flashing your goodies uglies on the red carpet is a major no no, but would we really expect anything less from French "actress" Yasmine Lafitte? We might be more forgiving if this was an accidental flash, but the smile on Yasmine's face (not to mention the lack of undies!) just makes us, well, a little sick. And they say Americans are tacky!