Everyone who's anyone was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala - damn, that's a mouthful! - in NYC last night. But aside from the Olsen twins, what other young starlets made the cut?


Gossip Girl Blake Lively did, looking effortlessly chic in basic black...


Christina Ricci and her big eyes did, too - and we actually think pink and red look lovely on her!


Kate Bosworth's Gala Checklist:

1. Hot boyfriend? Check.
2. Slim but toned body and natural good looks? Check.
3. Sparkly, multi-colored dress? Check.
4. Crazy blue eye-shadow? Check!

But nothing can compare to the spectacularly stunning hottness that was Mischa Barton:

Blake Lively OLSENTWINS0505_03.jpg

This is just bad, Mischa. You look awkward and uncomfortable, the dress is unflattering... bad, bad, bad.

Plus, Blake Lively is totally replacing you as TV's "It" Girl!