Jennifer Aniston JAnistonIntimate0511_05_X17.jpg We've all been rooting for Jennifer Aniston to find true love at long last - but we'll settle for news that her sex life with John Mayer is out of this world!

The Star spoke to a source close to Aniston, who claims that the actress and the singer have been adding a few new elements to the bedroom - elements like licking whipped cream off each other, tickling each other with feathers, and rubbing ice on each others' skin to elicit goosebumps!

John's even been pushing Jen into doing a little roleplaying - much to her delight! "John likes to keep things interesting," the source told the mag. "[Aniston] was a little resistant at first, but now you couldn't wipe the smile off her face if you tried!"

"She's having the best sex of her life with John - and she's loving every minute of it."

We're loving it too!