21_cover_MedRes.jpgReese Witherspoon RWitherspoonJake0229_08_X17.jpg Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have been heading for a wedding since forever - but OK! Magazine's saying that their big day may be coming sooner than you think!

According to a source close to Reese who spoke with the magazine, Reese and Jake have been "talking marriage for a while. They'll be formally engaged any day now. They want to spend the rest of their lives together." How exciting!

Apparently, Jake's spent the last few months laying the groundwork for a future relationship with Reese's kids. "Since they got together, he's made as much effort to build a relationship with Ava and Deacon as he has with Reese," a friend of Jake's tells the mag. The source swears his friend's efforts have been sincere, too, stressing that Gyllenhaal "genuinely enjoys spending time with them. They're not an inconvenience he has to deal with to get to their mom."

And lucky for Jake, it sounds like the kids have taken to him too - in fact, one of Reese's friends told OK that both Ava and Deacon adore Jake! "They hate it when he goes home to his place in the [Hollywood] Hills," the source says.

Of course, Jake may be lavishing attention on Ava and Deacon - but he's still got plenty left over for their mommy, too! "When Jake's on the set," a source currently working with Jake on Nailed tells OK!, "it's all about Reese, all the time. He's always talking about her, and when he's not talking about her, he's texting her."

Reese, of course, is taking things just as seriously - although her background changes the circumstances somewhat. "This is a very serious relationship," one of Reese's friends tells the mag. "But still, Reese is very conservative and traditional. I'm sure she doesn't want her kids to see her 'living in sin'."

"I would not be surprised if Jake popped the question very, very soon."

Sounds like a marriage would suit everyone - let's hope they've got one planned!