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Madonna052208_20_X17.jpgMadonna Madonna052208_06_X17.jpg Rumors have been swirling about the status of Madonna and Guy Ritchie's relationship for months now - but after seeing them together last night, we're ready to put those rumors to bed!

The couple's currently at Cannes promoting I Am Because We Are, Madge's documentary about the tragic effect of the AIDS pandemic on Malawi. Madonna enlisted her pal Sharon Stone to help bring attention to the topic - and if the Material Girl gets to show off how smokin' hot she's looking these, so much the better!

But Madonna's night didn't end there - not by a long shot! After the screening, Madonna and Guy climbed in a car and headed for a friend's boat for a quiet afterparty. Just wait until you see how happy Madge looks, too - this couple's definitely still goin' strong!