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Steve-O SteveO051208_01_X17.jpg
Our favorite Jackass, Steve-O showed up to his preliminary hearing yesterday morning with his attorney Barry Gerald Sands, where the actor plead "not guilty" to felony drug charges stemming from a March 3rd arrest.

Even though Steve-O, who donned a blue button-down for court, has cleaned up his act, he still kept his sense of humor as he left the hearing, offering to whistle for the camera out of the hole in his nose (presumably from all the drugs,) and plugged his bail bondsman.

Boasting "64 days" of sobriety, Steve-O told us that he used to think "sex, drugs and rock 'n roll was a good thing," but he's "not running away" from his problems anymore.

Steve-O, who says he's "fighting for his life", was overwhelmed with all the support from his friends and fans, and plans on continuing to encounter his problems head-on.

It's nice to see that Steve-O is taking these issues seriously (but still keeping a sense of humor about himself), and we wish him the best of luck!