I love all of these starlets, but I am sad to say that no one's outfit really did it for me at Women In Film's 2008 Crystal And Lucy Awards last night. Sorry ladies.


Meg Ryan kept it simple with a timeless black shift, but it looks like her hair took a trip back to the 80s - and not in a good way!

Cameron Diaz, on the other hand, gets an A-plus for her hair and makeup, but I'm not loving her dress and scarf combo. However, I want to steal her red satin pumps and she did do a great job coordinating her outfit, so I'll hand her the award for best dressed of the night.


If I could have had my way with Rumer's ensemble, I would have hacked 15 inches off the bottom of her dress and chosen a cool tone like plum or deep teal. I also would have given her some sophisticated jewelry, and don't even get me started on her hairstyle - oh wait - I already vented about that earlier today!

Debra Messing looks fabulous, but her dress is a bit, well, Showgirls meets Memoirs Of A Geisha. Additionally, I think she should button the dress/robe/bedspread up a bit, as I can almost see her navel (well, maybe after one more button).

Cameron Diaz womeninfilm.jpg

Ah yes, we've already touched on Nicole and Salma, but I decided to add Eva Mendes to the group as well. Eva is scorching hot, no doubt about it, but her dress is sort of...western meets goth? I don't know, but I seriously want to fire all their stylists!