Madonna MADONNA022207_02_X17.jpg The Times Online is reporting that the Material Girl has retained the services of divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton - better known as the miracle worker who kept Paul McCartney's fortune safe from Heather Mills!

Usually, the paper claims, Madonna and Guy go through Withers, a City law firm with a sterling reputation for tax, property, and matrimonial law. However, due to Withers' previous involvement with the couple, ethical constraints forced them to send Madonna and Guy to other lawyers - like Fiona!

Guy, in the meantime, is thought to have dealt with Forsters, another law firm.

Of course, if this long-rumored divorce does end up going down, both Madonna and Guy's lawyers have their work cut out for them - the couple reportedly never signed a pre-nup!

Needless to say, Guy stands to benefit from this legal lapse far more than the Material Girl - some estimates even figure he may have a £50 million payday coming!

Madonna's publicist told X17 that her office has "no information on the subject".

What do you think - is this really it for Madonna and Guy? And, if so, how do you think the split's going to go?