Andy Dick andydickmug.jpg Troubled actor Andy Dick was arrested at 1:48 am on Wednesday morning in Murrieta, California on suspicion of possession of drugs and sexual battery. Murrieta Police responded to a call at Buffalo Wild Wings in Riverside County, and witnesses told the officers that Dick had sexually battered a 17 year old girl outside the restaurant and bar.

A press release from the Murrieta Police Department states:

"The 17 year old female victim and several witnesses told police that as Andy Dick left the establishment, he approached two females outside the bar. Dick walked up to the 17 year old female victim, grabbed her tank top and bra and pulled them down and exposed her breasts. He then was escorted by several of his friends to a truck which was stopped by arriving police officers in a nearby Sam’s Club a few moments later.

Andy Dick was in the front passenger seat of the truck. A curbside lineup was conducted and the male was identified by the victim, as well as a witness. During a search incident to arrest, marijuana and Xanax were found in Andy Dick’s pants pockets. Andy Dick was extremely intoxicated at the time of his arrest. He was booked at the Southwest Detention Center."

Xanax and pot? Those are the only drugs they found on him? Judging by his mugshot, we think he had something else in his system!

Dick is still in jail and being held on $5,000 bail. Calls to his legal reps weren't immediately returned.