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No, Rose McGowan isn't attacking new mom Jessica Alba with a machine gun or a machete, and as far as we know, the two brunette bombshells don't have beef with one another, but Jessica might be replacing Rose in an upcoming film.

You see, Rose just broke up with her fiance, director Robert Rodriguez, and was supposed to star in several of his upcoming films, including the remake of Barbarella. However, Robert was having difficulty financing the movie, due to the fact that Rose was slated to fill Jane Fonda's thigh high leather boots. According to the New York Post, Rose wasn't a big enough star for the $70 million flick, and it's being reported that Jessica Alba is now being considered for the role.

Rose and Robert allegedly split because of the financial problems surrounding the film - doesn't sound like mixing business and pleasure was such a good idea! The duo first started hooking up on the set of Grindhouse, while Robert was still married to his wife of sixteen years, with whom he has five children.

Hmm, is this karma? Perhaps Rose should have invested in some homewrecker's insurance.