Britney Spears britcarrey.jpg Courtesy of WireImage

After spending Friday with the boys, Britney Spears spent Saturday night attending a Generation Rescue event thrown by Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy to raise money for autism research. That's our Britney - she's always happy to use her celebrity to benefit the children!

Britney slept in on Sunday, reappearing in Calabasas in the afternoon for a little shopping and lunch at Marmalade and a late lunch with some friends. As you can tell from the video, Britney seemed happy and carefree - though not as happy as she did while picking up her mother a few hours later!

The pop princess swung by LAX around 7 PM to pick up her mother Lynne, smiling big the whole time. Looks like Britney's really handling things well - we're sure her decision to give up custody over Sean and Jayden must have been heartbreaking, but she certainly seems relieved to have dodged an ugly court battle with Kevin!