CRonaldo071508_001_X17.jpgParis Hilton PHiltonOrange071508_01_X17.jpg Cristiano Ronaldo may be on crutches these days - but they didn't stop him from leaving Paris Hilton in the dust last night!

"Paris was all over him"
After dinner at STK last night, the soccer superstar made a surprise appearance at Villa. Coincidentally, Paris happened to hit up the same club - and apparently took quite a shine to Cristiano!

"Every girl in the club was checking [Cristiano] out, but Paris couldn't take her eyes off him," a spy told the Daily Mail. "The moment he arrived, she went over to his private table."

"At one point, she pushed her chest together and made a point of trying to snuggle up against him."

Shockingly, however, the heiress' affections weren't returned by the footballer, who gave her the cold shoulder.

"Ronaldo clearly wasn't interested in Paris," the Mail's source says. "He turned his back on her."

"You could tell he enjoyed the attention, but he didn't really want anything to do with any of the girls."

We'll just chalk this one up to Cristiano's recovery process - after all, who in their right mind would turn down Paris Hilton?

"Not True", Says Her Rep
In a statement just given exclusively to X17, Paris' rep denies the whole scene ever went took place, claiming his client merely popped into Coco de Ville with her aunt and uncle momentarily and spent the entire time with her family. He claims that Paris isn't a soccer fan and wouldn't even recognize him if they met. (Psst, Paris - he's this guy!)

Paris' rep also points out the heiress' strong relationship with Benji Madden, claiming that the rocker will be spending a lot more time with his lady love now that he's back home from his tour. And, he alleges, the story seems to be coming from the same sources behind those false allegations that Paris got socked in the eye last week.

Oh, and as for the oh-so-titillating detail about Paris pushing her girls together to better attract Cristiano's attention? We'll just let her flack speak for himself:

"Miracle Bra or not, Paris looks hot!"

'Nuff said!