Aubrey O'Day might look like a sweetheart - but as Wendy Williams found out the other day, this kitten's got claws!

Aubrey made the mistake of giving the talk show hostess an opening during her interview when she started commenting on how folks "tend to focus on certain things about my character". Wendy, naturally, couldn't resist, shooting back "Yeah, the plastic surgery, the blond hair, and the black men!" Audrey, however, took Wendy's snipe in stride, quickly shooting back that she'd had "no plastic surgery. Definitely the black men and the blond hair. I've had no plastic surgery at all" and throwing Wendy's love for Botox right back in the hostess' immobile face. Wild stuff!

But don't take our word for it - check out this clip of Wendy's interview with Aubrey and see for yourself! (It's worth it just to see Wendy demonstrating the effects of Botox on her forehead!)