BSpearsTR0819_01_X17.jpgBritney Spears BSpearsBryan081908_01_X17.jpg Our girl Brit sure had a tough day yesterday - especially when she bumped into a pair of pushy fans on her way to Tracey Ross! As you can see in our video, these two little girls simply would not take no for an answer, crowding Britney's car and even calling the pop princess a "bitch" for daring to cover up. Well, you'll certainly never get anywhere if that's your attitude, young ladies!

Thankfully, Britney's family was on hand to support her - not only did we catch her mother Lynn accompanying Brit into Tracey Ross, but we caught her leaving after dinner with none other than her brother Bryan a little later out in Silver Lake! Isn't it great seeing Britney's family coming to her aid like this? 'Course, that's just what the Spears family does when one of their daughters is in need!