Entertainment Weekly has a great article about Lauren Conrad and the phenomenon that is The Hills this week...

Guilty pleasure programming? Indeed. But Lauren as an international role model? Hmm, I'm not sure about that one! Lauren's UTA agent, Max Stubblefield, calls his client "a global brand" and the writer of the article himself describes L.C. as a west coast reincarnation of Carrie Bradshaw. Wow, is Lauren really that interesting?

The show's viewers certainly think so! Not to mention creator/exec-producer Adam DiVello who'd, ideally, "love to stay with it until Lauren gets married.''

Of course Lauren doesn't necessarily think the same way: "Every season, I think it's the last," she admits.

And what about all those "it's fake" and "everything's scripted" rumors? DiVello says ''I don't think any of these kids are making up stuff, but I don't know.''

It's interesting to note that Heidi and Spencer declined to be interviewed for the EW article after learning their rival Lauren Conrad would grace the cover... maybe things aren't so fake after all? Or maybe they just prefer getting all the attention!

Lauren Conrad whitneyNYspinoff.jpg

Oh, and is Whitney Port getting a spin-off show? The co-star herself admits that "there are rumors, but nothing is set in stone yet."

She tells "At this point I'm just going to New York to film for The Hills."

Think they're waiting to see what kind of drama she gets involved in before officially making her a star?