MMcConaughey082808_18_X17.jpgMatthew McConaughey MMcConaughey082808_01_X17.jpg Matthew McConaughey's not just a super-hunk - he's super-considerate, too! Yesterday, while out for a walk with his babymama Camila Alves and a couple of friends, Matty took responsibility for carrying little Levi! (And he did a great job, too - he even made sure to keep a towel over Levi to keep him safe from the sun!)

But Matthew's indulgence didn't end there - we caught Camila out sans Matty a few hours later at Planet Blue and Nobu. Isn't it sweet of him to give Camilla a night off? We're just surprised she took it - if we were Matty's main squeeze, we'd want to stick close 24/7!