Gossip Girl chuckblair2.jpgPhoto Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW

Sex, lies and scandal, the premiere of season 2 of Gossip Girl had it all!

In addition to the fun, the fashion, the flirting, the f*cking (not to mention the f*cking over), there were some other interesting things we noticed:

1) Was Stephanie Pratt an extra during the white party scene? Rewind your DVRs and check it out, looked like her in the half-second shot at the beginning, sitting next to the pool!


2) The whole "Vitamin Water" sponsored angle -- interesting to note that VW's spokesperson is Carrie Underwood...Chace Crawford's ex!

How lucky is that Madchen Amick, who gets to paw hottie Chace? And how amazing were all the scenes with Blair and Chuck?

We just cannot wait to see what else the Gossip Girls and Guys have in store for us this season!