Hugh Hefner CrissAngel083008_01_X17.jpgHolly and Criss together in Vegas

Despite being caught canoodling with Criss Angel on two separate occasions, Hugh Hefner and number one girlfriend Holly Madison are still together, according to Hef!

He tells Us:

"She is still my girlfriend. Now will that last? I don't think anything lasts forever."

Hef's aware that sooner or later, he'll have to say goodbye to Holly, as she's made it quite clear she wants marriage and a family, and Hef says "that isn't very much in the cards for me."

But for now, they're still together.

As for Kendra and Hef? Well, rumors that the sporty bunny is engaged to Philadelphia Eagles' Hank Baskett are untrue, according to her MySpace.

Yesterday, she so eloquently wrote:

    yaaaa trick yaaaaaa
    Current mood: aroused

    hiiiiii just wanna let yall know that i am not engaged! if i was id be very happy though n i wouldnt hide it..hahahahaha!!!!! rumors are sooooooooo fuckin funny. yaa trickk yaaaaaa lololol!! Love is a beautiful thing n i think the world needs more of it. lol..