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Kanye's bodyguard Don Crowley just got taken into the LAPD Pacific Division in cuffs, after his altercation with a photographer at LA International Airport this morning.

The police department says Kanye's already inside the department building -- probably bailing himself out, according to what the Pacific Division's Sgt. Probst told me earlier:

    "He's got about a million billion dollars, so he'll probably bail out. I doubt he wants a jail burrito for dinner."

The PD released this statement:

    Entertainer Kanye West and Don Crowley, his road manager and body guard, were arrested at Los Angeles International Airport, today by Los Angeles World Airports Police following an altercation with two members of the paparazzi. The incident occurred at 7:51 a.m.

    West and Crowley were at Terminal 4 to depart on a flight to Honolulu. In the public area prior to passenger screening, they were met by a photographer and videographer who were taking their photos. An altercation ensued between the two cameramen, West and Crowley.

    The cameras of the paparazzi were damaged in the altercation.

    West and Crowley were taken into custody, each charged with felony vandalism. Airport Police had initially received the call as also involving a potential battery. However, following initial investigation, it was determined that no battery occurred.

    Both men have been transported to Los Angeles Police Department Pacific Division for booking.