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Seems like Kate Hudson's jumping from one athlete to another. We haven't seen her out with a new guy since her break-up with Lance Armstrong...until now!

Last night, Kate partied at new Hollywood hotspot Bardot with a new guy -- Baron Davis of the Los Angeles Clippers.

An X17 spy inside the club said the pair looked "cozy", and it definitely seemed like they were more than just friends:

    "Kate and Baron showed up around midnight and left at around 1am. They were seated at a VIP table off to the side of the venue. Kate was in a great mood -- smiling, laughing, and talking to Baron. They seemed into each other and they appeared to be flirting while they were talking. She had a smile on her face the entire time and she would flip her hair around while they chatted. She was drinking a vodka cocktail -- I didn't see him drink anything but water. Kate got up and danced to a couple of Madonna and Britney tunes while Baron just sat back and watched while he bopped his head. They looked like they were cozy and comfortable with one another."

Although these two have been friends since high school, an X17 photog just told us that Baron tried to attack the paps to keep from having his photo taken with Kate...before they went home together.

If it was just a "friendly" evening out, why was he so intent on not being seen with her???