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So here's the talk on the street in MY neck of the woods ...

The peeps around here -- at least the ones I'm talking to -- say they are SICK of Madonna! And these are former fans -- people who grew up blaring Holiday on their boom boxes, people who wore neon and black rubber bracelets because she did -- and now (and, okay, I admit I'm feeling the same way) that these Madonna fans are FINISHED with the Material Girl!

Why? Let me count the ways ...

1. She adopted a boy from Africa whose father is still alive
2. She claims Kabbalah makes her less self-centered
3. She seems to have cheated on Guy
4. She is Her "people" are playing out her divorce in a childishly public way
5. She's with A-Rod?!

Is Madge just human, making regular human mistakes or has she totally lost "it" -- her cool, her strong-businesswoman-queen-of-hipness?