Miley Cyrus MCyrus082301_01_X17.jpg Nobody messes with Miley! According to Wired's Threat Level blog, the hacker who got into pop star Miley Cyrus' Gmail account got what he deserved - a serious spanking by the FBI! 19-year-old Josh Holly's Murfreesboro, Tennessee apartment was raided by the FBI on Monday, less than a year after he reportedly hacked into Miley's e-mail account, stole risque photos of the Disney princess and posted them online for all to see. Holly gave interviews to several media outlets and even bragged about his hackings, brazenly stating that authorities would never find him!

The FBI paid a visit to Holly's apartment, served him with a search warrant and seized several computers and his phone as evidence. Holly blogged about the incident yesterday, saying, "Well, all my idiotic doings have finally caught up with me. Yesterday (October 20th of 08), the FBI came into my house and took all things that can store data (my computers, my phone, CDs, etc)...When they came, they said I was not under arrest and no one is pressing charges. They just need evidence to put me down. Well, that is what I get for being an idiot and boast (sic) about hacking." Well put.

Last December, Holly posed as a Myspace administrator to gain access to Miley's e-mail account (, and he found the now infamous shots of Miley in her underwear, in the shower in a wet t-shirt, and in a bikini. The pics were supposedly for Miley's then-boyfriend Nick Jonas, but once they hit the internet, everyone and their mother ended up getting a peek at the 15-year-old pop phenom.