Miley Cyrus mileydishesjusting.jpg

Our favorite Disney tween Miley Cyrus chatted with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show this morning, and what did they talk about?

    "Who do you think is better looking, Robert Pattinson [from Twilight] or Justin the underwear model?" he asks the 15-year-old.

    "Who's Robert? I dunno who that is," she answers. "So I'll hafta say Justin."

They're of course talking about 20-year-old Justin Gaston, the underwear model slash country singer that Miley is allegedly dating.

Does she think Justin's too old for her? "I think you're too old," Miley quips back to Ryan.

    "He's too good looking," Ryan states. Miley responds with, "Well, that's what would be hard about dating him."

Ah! So, is she or isn't she? Ryan finally asks if 15-year-old Miley Cyrus is "going out" with 20-year-old Justin Gaston... and what does she say?

    "Why do you wanna know? You have a crush on me?" (Oh, Miley. So hilarious.) A minute later, Miley gave the answer: "Maybe, maybe not."

    She adds that "everything's really good" and that Justin has been "a really great friend" and a "great Christian guy."

Basically, the girl played it coy the whole time. Smart move! But you know what? We think she's a riot, so we don't care if she's dating him or not!

But she really is... right?