Chris Martin CMARTIN032507_01_X17.jpg Over the past 24 hours, we've heard rumors that Grammy-winning group Coldplay is breaking up, and frantic fans have been writing to us and calling in to radio stations asking for the scoop. Here's what we've uncovered: singer Chris Martin told Contact Music yesterday that the band will retire within the next year or two, because they want to be on top of their game when they leave the music industry. Of course, after you make a statement like that, fans and blog readers are going to freak out and assume the worst!

Chris hinted that a breakup is imminent, telling Contact Music, "I'm 31 now and I don't think bands should keep going past 33...we're trying to pack in as much as possible. Up until the end of next year, we'll just go for it in every sense. I don't believe in time off."

Hopefully this is just a big fuss being made out of nothing; then again, there are rumors that Chris' marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow is on the rocks, so who knows what's going on!