Jesse Metcalfe jessefallmonaco.jpg

Jesse Metcalfe is currently recovering in a London hospital after taking a 40 ft. spill down a few flights of stairs at a Monaco hotel, where he was hosting the World Music Awards.

His spokesperson tells the Sun:

    "Midway through the aftershow party at Jimmy'z on Sunday night he headed back to his hotel to change out of his suit so he could be more comfortable. On his way back he slipped 40 ft and was knocked unconscious.

    He was immediately taken to a hospital in Monaco and given X-rays. Doctors didn't speak much English so as soon as we landed in London yesterday we had him re-examined at a London hospital.

    They wanted to keep him in overnight so he could have a MRI test today. Fingers cross he'll get the green light to get released tonight."

The rep then added, "He is a very, very lucky man. The accident could have been fatal."

Jesse apparently escaped the fall without any broken bones. If the MRI shows no further damage, Jesse could be released from the hospital as early as tonight.