Shenae Grimes SGrimes101208_02_X17.jpg 90210 starlet Shenae Grimes sat down with People magazine recently to set the record straight on eating disorders, diva-like behavior and her alleged party girl reputation.

19-year-old Shenae says that most of the things written about her are not true, and she tells the magazine that moving from Canada to Los Angeles was "a huge culture shock." Shenae added that with the hours she works, it's impossible for her to be a party girl - she says she prefers stay at home and watch DVDs and hang out with friends, rather than stay out and hit the Hollywood clubs.

On the media's speculation that she has an eating disorder:
    "Nobody has asked me about it. I really can't help what someone thinks of me because they are reading a paper and choosing to believe it. Meet me in person, and you can't say anything. No bones sticking out. Just because people are calling you skinny doesn't mean I'm like, 'Yay!' No! You're telling me I don't look right. This is me, this is my body Γ’β‚¬β€œ I have accepted it."

On her co-stars and other actors/actresses dealing with tabloid rumors:
    "These are stories that have been written about everybody. Of course we're the new girls on a hit show so we're plopped into these little boxes. And people buy it. It makes me totally second guess anything I've ever read about anybody."