Suri Cruise IncredibleSuri.jpgTom Cruise says that, while protecting Suri's privacy is important, he admits, "Some of those paparazzi shots of my daughter are incredible."

Speaking to Australian magazine Grazia, the proud pop describes Suri as "a very open and warm child" who will "just wave to people on the street."

We've sure smiled and giggled over the pix of Suri's antics in front of the paps, and it's no big surprise when Tom boasts, "She is such happy, fun girl."

And, even at just 2-years-old, the stylish Suri has her own idea of fashion.

"I'd put a pair of pants on her and the next minute I'd turn around and the pants are off and a dress is on," Tom says.

"Kate showed her these nice gold sneakers and said: 'They're nice mommy but they're boy's shoes.' So she's very much a real girl. In fact yesterday Kate finally did get her into pants for the first time."

Cruise also says, "Suri is very determined just like her mother."