Adrienne Bailon AdrienneBlog.jpg Disney star Adrienne Bailon launched a plan with a friend to leak "stolen" semi-nude pictures of herself on the internet to "sex up" her image, X17online has learned exclusively.

Jonathan Jaxson, a former publicist, tells X17online he and the "Cheetah Girls" singer hatched the plan to plant a story that the photos had been stolen from her laptop over the weekend.

"She wanted to distance herself from the whole Disney image," Jaxson said. "What better way than with a couple of sexy shots."

Jaxson says Bailon was involved as he contacted websites to plant the photos. "She was on the other line with me while I was talking to them," said Jaxson.

The plan backfired when Disney executives learned of the leaked photos. Jaxson says Bailon then "blamed the whole thing" on him.

"I was just doing a favor - a favor for a friend. I never thought it would turn into this big thing," Jaxson said.

Attempts to reach Bailon were unsuccessful.