Khloe Kardashian KhloeKardashian_NAKEd.jpgPhoto credit: Troy Jensen/PETA

Khloe Kardashian is the latest celeb to bare all for PETA, and even though she wears some funky outfits from time to time, we have to admit, she looks pretty sexy here! And no, your eyes are not deceiving you - we really just put "Khloe" and "sexy" in the same sentence.

In a statement released through the animal rights organization, Khloe says, "Compassion is the fashion this holiday season, so join me in boycotting fur. With all the stylish and super-warm things you can wear, it's easy to have a killer look without killing animals."

We have to agree - wearing fur is NEVER fashionable - no matter what Anna Wintour says!