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X17online has obtained the court documents in which Britney's father, as her conservator, has requested a temporary restraining order against Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib and here are some interesting excerpts ...

All the stuff that others have reported is true -- the paper cites instances in which an unknown person instant messaged Britney's father and demanded to speak to him. The papers allege that Sam said defamatory things about Jamie and that Sam had contacted Brit's attorney Blair Berk to set up a meeting regarding the conservatorship.

But here's what the others HAVEN'T reported ...

Check out this language regarding Sam's alleged efforts to hire a NEW ATTORNEY for Britney on her behalf:

    On January 27, 20098, attorney John T. Anderson of the Law Office of John T. Anderson sent counsel for Mr. Seaprs a proposed Ex Part Petition seeking an order authorizing Ms. Spears to retain him as her attorney in the conservatorship proceedings and to relieve as counsel Samuel D. Ingham III, Ms. Spears' PVP counsel.

    On January 27, 2009, Mr. Anderson told counsel for Mr. Spears that he had initially been contacted by Mr. Eardly about three or four weeks previously for assistance in preparing legal papers, and that he spoke with Mr. Lutfi about two or three weeks after that. Mr. Anderson said that he told Mr. Lutfi that he could not proceed unless Ms. Spears signed an engagement letter and other documents, and that he provided Mr. Lutfi with copies of such documents so that Mr. Lutfi could have those documents signed by Mrs. Spears. Mr. Lutfi thereafter provided Mr. Anderson with an Ex Parte Petition, and engagement letter, and a Nomination of Counsel that purport to be signed by Ms. Spears.

    Over the past month, Ms. Spears has had numerous telephone conversations with both Mr. Lutfi and Mr. Ghalib and has exchanged numerous text messages with both of them.


So that means either Britney has tried to hire a new attorney, theoretically to help her oust her dad OR Sam forged Brit's signature to put a new lawyer in place! Either way - this is HUGE!

Is Jamie afraid that Sam and Adnan are convincing Brit to turn her back on him? Or are these guys really a threat? I have a feeling we'll find out soon! Stay tuned ...